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May 2013


May 1-5, 2013

The Beltane Gathering : A Sacred Sexuality Event

You're invited to be a part of the most sacred sexuality event in the country. For more than a decade, we've brought together people from all walks of life who believe that sex is sacred for a long weekend of fun, learning, laughter, love, ritual and ecstasy. 

This year, we are proud to bring to the forefront once again our wonderful rituals, with a new team bringing us moments of connection to cherish the whole year long. As the pendulum swings towards an even more sacred experience than ever before, join us in celebrating the sanctity of love and connection in all of its forms.  

There's something for everyone. Bring your favorite loving activities to our playground. From flirting to intercourse, from tantra to bondage, everything you love to do is available here for you. And don't think we don't embrace all sexualities. We are a pansexual gathering with attendees from every type of gender identification and sexual orientation.  

Are you a shy beginner in the shiny world of sacred sex? You've come to the right place! Our community is welcoming and accepting and always happy to extend a loving hand to newcomers. You'll find what you're looking for here.

Laugh, Love, Learn... 

One of the best things about THE's Beltane is our wonderful presenters. Bringing you the best from around the country is part of our drive to make this event the best one you'll go to all year. And our presenters really get it--you're there to enjoy yourself while you learn. You'll have a great time at their presentations. And the small class sizes will ensure you get personal attention. 

Bring a partner (or three!) if you like, or come on your own. Lots of singles come to our event. And it's easy to meet people, with our classes, meals, and other events, we do our best to make event the shyest newcomer feel welcome. 

See you there!



May 1-5, 2013

Florida Pagan Gathering Beltane 2013

Workshops and Healing Circles hosted by our Headliners and local Pagan teachers
Opening Ritual at the Drum Circle Wednesday night
Thursday Night Meet & Greet hosted by Racdeer Landing
Nightly Drum Circle and Dancing at our Fire Circle hosted by the Shiny Happy People Drum Tribe
Main Ritual: "Divine Attraction" hosted by Coven Lia Fail
Friday Night and Saturday afternoon concerts by Spiral Rhythm
Friday afternoon Concert by Treblehawk on Vendors Row
Friday Night Bardic Circle
Inipi Sweatlodge hosted by Grey Ghosthawk
Shop for Pagan crafts, wares, gifts and books on Vendor's Row
Men and Women's Haka and other group events, Rites and workshops
Maypole and Beltaine Fire Jump
Kid's Realm with workshops, crafts and Faerie Parade
Celtic Games
Nightly body painting tent
Swimming and Canoeing in beautiful Lake Sellers

Musical Entertainment: Spiral Rhythm, and Treblehawk  Headliners: Gavin & Yvonne Frost, Ellen Dugan, Raven Kaldera, Tess Whitehurst, Dr. Todd Berntson and Grey Ghosthawk



May 3-5, 2013

Beltaine 2013 Our Haven Nature Sanctuary

French Lick, IN

Join us as we celebrate the coming of the rich, fertile earth, the health of earth, animals and everything around.  Join us as we reconnect with old friends and build new ones.  This is a time that we put the past behind us and start anew!!  Join the new breath and spirit at Our Haven!

Have you ever been to Our Haven for our Beltaine Spring Gathering? If you answer no you are missing a great time with friends, family and best of all an outstanding community. If you have you know why you need to be here. Join us for the best event of the year. We look forward to seeing all of you back home at Our Haven. Children 13-17 are HALF the adult rate and as always children 12 and under are FREE with their parent or legal guardian. All Our Haven sponsered events are clothing optional after 10pm unless otherwise posted.



May 3-5, 2013

Mountain Mysteries Beltane Festival 2013

Standardsville, VA

For the 14th year in a row, hundred of Pagan will gather together at Heavenly Acres Campground to celebrate the fun and frolic of Beltane. 

Join us for a uniquely FAMILY FRIENDLY festival!  Everything you expect in a festival:  

Live Music
Drumming & Dancing into the wee hours of the night!



May 3-5, 2013

14th Annual Beltaine: A Pagan Odyssey Festival 2013

Oxford, Connecticut

Connecticut's Oldest and Largest Pagan Festival

Featuring over 50 presenters,  guest speakers and teachers including Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth, Kirk White and many, many more TBA.

Events  will include: 

Beltaine Ritual and Maypole Dance
Classes, Workshops & Guest Speakers
Fire Raising Ceremony
Mummerís Parade
Magic Shows
LIVE Concerts & Music
Fire Dancing Show
Children's Activities
Belly Dancing Show
Drum Circles Around the Bonfire
Vendors and Readers Galore!
& lots, lots more!



May 9-12,  2013

Beltania: A Beltane Festival  of Magic ~ Music ~ Spiritual Connection 2013

Step Forward...Be the Change

Denver, CO

Beltania is the annual nonprofit church festival and fundraiser of Living Earth, an open circle and alternative church in the south Denver area of Colorado. Several Earth-honoring spiritual organizations and individuals now collaboratively sponsor Beltania with financial and volunteer contributions. Because of this, Beltania has been able to help fund the new Living Earth Center, a spiritual facility for our entire community to use. Special Guest: Christopher Penczak

MusicFest Lineup: 

SJ Tucker  -  Tuatha  -  Wendy Rule
Pandora Celtica  -  Forests of Azure  -  Skean Dubh
Heartbeat   -   Orpheus Pagan Chamber Choir
Djembe Cowboys    -    Land of the Blind
Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus   -   NameSinger



May 10-12,  2013

The Magical Faerie Festival 2013

Findon, West Sussex, UK

Kingswood Stables, Findon, West Sussex (a postcode is not given as it is incorrect to the venue entrance). A detailed map will be posted to ticket holders prior to the event. 

Magical Festivals is proud to present the 6th annual Magical Faerie Festival featuring 3 days of live music, entertainment, dancers, morris groups, workshops, children's activities, stalls and camping. 

Bands include: Inkubus Sukkubus, Pythia, Daemonia Nymphe, Flutatious, Serpentyne, Spriggan Mist, Beck Sian, Matthew Callow, Ash Mandrake, Fay Brotherhood, Roxircle, Jaime Black, Kim Thompsett, Jonathon Kershaw, Inta Africa + more tbc 

For further info please visit or call 07845 438340 

Weekend tickets:

Full 3 day adult pass - £50 (rising to £60 on 1st March).
Full 3 day child pass - £15 (under 5's go free!). 

Day tickets

Adult day pass: £25
Child day pass: £10



May 10-12, 2013

Maryland Faerie Festival

The Maryland Faerie Festival celebrates the Faeries.  We provide an atmosphere and entertainment inspired by Faerie folklore and literature, and of course, by the Faeries themselves!  Yes, we believe in Faeries!  Through the Faerie heritage, we encourage love, cooperation, peace, harmony and respect for all beings, along with a pinch of mischief!  The Maryland Faerie Festival, as a 501c3 organization provides educational outreach opportunities for groups promoting diligent stewardship of Nature and sponsor artists, merchants and entertainment informed by the Faerie tradition.



May 16-19, 2013

Pagan Unity Festival Montgomery Bell State Park Burns, TN May 16-19, 2013

The Pagan Unity Festival is a sixteen year old family oriented four day event in the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee. We offer dozens of workshops, Pagan authors, music, food, rituals and fun. We hope that you will join us for some good old Southern Pagan hospitality!



May 17-19, 2013

Blue Ridge Beltane 2013

Blue Ridge Beltane 2013, May 17-19, will be held at Stoney Creek Campground Resort, where you can enjoy the outdoors on their beautiful, well-maintained land, while still enjoying hot showers, an on-site snack bar, and electricity too. We eagerly look forward to celebrating Beltane with you. Please review our safety rules and etiquette to help maintain a safe and pleasant environment for all, so everyone can have a joyous festival experience! Looking for a magical, spiritual experience? Perhaps you will find what you're seeking in our ever growing menu of activities--music, dancing, drumming, shopping, divination, workshops, and more to expand your mind and your soul. Activities for children, teens, and adults! It takes over 500 planning hours to produce Blue Ridge Beltane every year--and that's before Beltane even happens. With many roles to fill, large and small, behind the scenes and at the festival, please take a moment to consider if there's something you can do to help. Thank you!



May 31 - June 2,  2013

Wessex Gathering 2013

A Community Camp for Spiritual People

The Wessex Gathering is not a festival, but a camp focused on inviting people to come together over a long weekend and develop a community. We welcome pagans of all streams and traditions, who come with good hearts and intentions. There is a definite feeling of a meeting of the clans and long lasting friendships have been formed at the gatherings.  Safe Environment For All The Family  Children play an important part of the community at the Gatherings and are welcome. 

The environment we develop is a safe one for all. Everyone looks out for each other, making sure people are welcomed and looked after, sometimes fed and watered, lifts shared and so on. Supporting Dorset Wildlife Rescue Another important feature of the camp is the support we give to Dorset Wildlife Rescue; which is run by Nick and Sandi Ridge.  These two lovely people rescue, care for and release injured wild animals from all over Dorset.  We hold a raffle on the Sunday afternoon to help raise funds for their work. Gatherers and stall holders are requested to donate items for prizes. We start the camp on Friday evening at about 7(ish) with a welcoming circle ó a time to meet friends both old and new. We organise any extra workshops and talks that people can offer to fit around any already arranged. 

At every camp the most structured event is the evening music. New performers are always welcome. Spontaneous music occurs all over the field, especially around the main fire. The days are filled with lots of workshops and talks, ranging from a shamanic journey to a fun percussion workshop. Everyone can join in with as much as they wish. We have a daily craft workshop just for the kids (any missing children are usually found here). On Saturday evening, we have a wonderful ritual, organised by people of the camp, followed by the fire labyrinth. On Sunday afternoon at about 4(ish) we have the raffle. All the money raised goes to Dorset Wildlife Rescue. Later that evening we have a bardic cabaret. This is a great chance for you to showcase your songs, stories, poems and jokes (just keep them cleanish until the kids are asleep). The evenings always end at the main fire for drumming, tales and singing (including Phil's annual performance of the wonderful story of Jumping Mouse). Of course, you need not attend anything. Spending the days amongst friends, relaxing around campfires, sharing stories, mead, music and laughter. For those that want space and silence, or walk their dogs, there are wonderful woods next to the campsite and ancient monuments nearby .




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